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Concrete in Miami

Why is Concrete so Important?

We can look around almost anywhere in Miami and find concrete beneath our feet. As we walk down the streets, enter our homes, and drive down the freeway here in South Florida, all of these things are brought to us by concrete.

Concrete is essential because of these various construction applications that ultimately impact the quality of our lives. However, there is more to concrete than simply the things it can build. The rise of infrastructure and building development helps to create more jobs. 

All over the state of Florida, residents and visitors live in high-rise condominiums and other residential spaces produced by concrete benefits. As a unique building material, it won’t rot or burn like wood. Concrete additionally will not rust. When used in construction, we know that a concrete structure will likely remain a staple for a significant amount of time.


Concrete Strength from Synergy

One of the reasons concrete has long remained so popular as a building material is due to the incredible compressive strength it can produce. We can trace this back to proper curing methods and synergistic roles played by the components making up the concrete aggregate material.

Concrete is a composite building material made of cement, water, and other aggregates. Each material contributes to function within the structure.  Modern concrete may also contain sand and gravel as well.

A common misconception involving concrete in Miami is that the material dries and becomes hard. In truth, cement reacts with water and hydrates. Constructors can then place concrete underwater and in other wet conditions as the concrete maintains its solid-state.

Builders must remain careful to keep concrete components balanced and in check. Too much water in concrete can weaken the material. Alternatively, too little water in concrete can make a mix more difficult to pour. By balancing components, builders can balance strength and workability.


One of the most common concrete components is Portland Cement. Manufacturers can produce this cement through an energy-extensive process called kilning. 

Kilning enables raw materials like clay and calcium to reduce, mix, and calcify at high temperatures. The final product of this reaction is what we know as Portland Cement.

The main function of cement in concrete in Miami is to act as a binding paste with components. Cement bonds large aggregates and sand to produce a durable matrix that can last a lifetime.


Aggregates are granules of rock particles such as gravel, crushed stone, sand, and furnace slag which manufacturers grade according to particle size. Concrete aggregates increase volume and add strength while preparing the concrete for its final use. Some common aggregate applications additionally include unique characteristics like insulation, rigidity, etc.

In the South Florida area, we will commonly find crushed limestone in cement over any other aggregate material. This is plentiful aggregate found all around our community.

Aggregate materials comprise over 50% of the total concrete composition. Manufactures will pack limestone and other aggregates with minimal voids that help minimize the number of cement required to bind the mixture together.



Buy Concrete in Miami

The amount and form of concrete a contractor or construction team need to finish a job largely depends on the size and scope of the job itself. The majority of builders measure concrete provisions in cubic yards. Projects that use approximately a cubic yard typically require a potable mixer to optimally finish the job.

Cement, sand, and water proportions additionally vary depending on how a contractor utilizes concrete. Thin work needs more cement while a higher mass pour can afford a higher aggregate composition in most cases.

Premixed and bagged cement from a quality concrete and aggregate supplier often serves as an easy and available provision for small to medium-sized projects. These prepackaged selections already contain cement and aggregate, requiring a builder to simply apply water to the mixture

Concrete in Miami remains a staple of the building industry due to its remarkable properties brought together synergistically by its components. Concrete plays a vital role in the construction industry, directly affecting the quality of human life in various ways.

Our team from ASR Materials remains a trusted resource within the South Florida community to assist builders with the materials they need to get a job done right and on time. It is because of this commitment to timely project completion that we additionally offer trucking and delivery for all building materials, soils, and aggregate selections.

To learn more about concrete and our other various construction material and aggregate supplies, reach out to ASR Materials today!

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