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Find Limestone Rock in Florida

Using Florida Limestone in Construction Projects

When constructing a beautiful and functional building, contractors must choose the right materials to achieve the best possible results. Florida limestone has a wide variety of uses in construction based on the wide variety of products in which it is processed. Consultants recommend limestone materials, and it has been used in building and construction since man began to create structures.

Limestone is well used for the construction of both strong and durable structures. Manufacturers even carve and shape limestone for use in constructing buildings, sizing the limestone rock into bricks that provide high strength and resistance to corrosion. These limestone properties enable the manufacturers to process the finalized product quickly and efficiently to improve on cost and availability.

If you are a contractor looking for reliable materials (and a reliable material provider), ASR Materials is the South Florida company that can get the job done for you. Read on to learn more about Florida limestone and how you can find limestone rock in Florida for your contracting needs.

What is Limestone?

Limestone serves as a natural material that forms from pressurized sediment beneath the sea. This durable stone is present in any number of building and construction materials and takes on various shares due to the different impurities that may reside in the sediment when forming.

Builders from all over the world have used limestone rock for thousands of years in building and architecture.


When engaging in a building project, contractors don’t just need a location to look good, it also needs to last. Limestone rock boasts both characteristics.

Centuries-old buildings remain standing primarily due to their limestone construction. For example, the pyramids of Giza and the Roman Colosseum both feature the sturdy, durable material.

In contemporary times, we can find limestone rock in Florida as a component in airports, buildings, churches, public schools, courthouses, interstates, and the roads we drive each day.

Limestone additionally offers builders a material that remains highly-resistance to corrosion with high strength, fine grains of limestone rock. These grains enable limestone rock to allow compactness to build into its overall strength.


Many builders find limestone rock in Florida the ideal solution for their construction needs due to the material’s versatility. Contractors may use it to build fountains and fireplaces, or simply as a component in cement and concrete, we find around us every day.

For those working on larger projects, limestone remains easier and less costly as a one-size-fits-all type material that can take the place of multiple different building supplies.

Limestone rock additionally provides a warm, neutral color tone, that remains durable and easily shaped or carved for the size and shape needed for virtually any job.

Availability and Cost-Effectiveness

Compared to various other rocks, limestone remains highly abundant, especially in the state of Florida. As a result, our limestone deposits offer builders a plentiful, inexpensive, and durable material that doesn’t go over budget in a construction project. 

Few materials offer contractors the opportunity to construct an impressive building or other structure without investing significantly. 

Although limestone rock is heavier than some other material choices, limestone is cost-effective upfront while also enabling construction projects containing limestone to last for many years into the future with limited maintenance.

Find Limestone Rock in Florida | Abraham Sand & Rock | ASR Materials

If you’re a builder or contractor seeking out a beautiful, reliable material for construction, ASR Materials serves the South Florida community specializing in limestone materials and other aggregates and soil products.

 Our long history of success with limestone materials makes us the first choice for industry professionals within the South Florida community. 

As a raw material in the manufacture of concrete and cement, Florida limestone rock remains a crucial component in the construction industry, utilized in a wide variety of construction mixtures. Select a provider with the experience and the service commitment to ensure you secure a quality building project to get the job done right.

Our focus on providing South Florida builders and contractors with the best possible service includes not only offering industry professionals and DIYers alike with an extensive product catalog but also helping these individuals and organizations find limestone rock in Florida to suit their needs and delivering it to them on location with our trucking and delivery services.

To learn more about limestone products and our wide variety of other aggregate selections, reach out to our dedicated team from ASR Materials today! 

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