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silica sand

What Makes Florida Silica Sand Special?

Silica sand, also referred to as quartz sand or industrial sand, is a white sand product comprised of two primary elements: silica and oxygen. The compound specifically is made up of silicon dioxide. This particular sand product is often white or colorless. However, contractors can secure silica sand in a wide variety of shades. The color will largely depend on the sort of rock detritus and the type of minerals utilized to make the resource.

Specialists and DIYers alike rely on Florida silica sand for various applications. The material serves as one of the most common varieties of sand we can find globally, and manufacturers may use the material in glass, sand fill, molds, and castings. We can also find silica in flooring, mortar, cement, roofing shingles, asphalt, and numerous other projects that may need some assistance providing structural integrity.

Read on to learn more about silica sand from our sand company in Miami, FL, ASR Materials.

How Can Contractors Use Florida Silica Sand?

Professionals may utilize silica sand to maintain natural and synthetic greenery. The material remains present in various industrial-grade abrasives, construction materials, water filtration systems, glassmaking productions, etc. 

Contractors also rely on silica to improve the overall look of paint as it serves as a vital component for glazing ceramics. Ceramics in the building industry include floor and wall tiles, tableware, and more. Silica sand is a structural backbone for ceramic products to enhance the finalized product aesthetics and durability.

Silica Glass

Quartz sand appears as a primary component in glass manufacturing. The purity of the raw material often represents a principal determinant of glass strength, color, and clarity.

Manufacturers may use Florida silica sand to make glass for building and automotive applications, in addition to common uses like glass containers for food and beverages. Silica remains an excellent resource to reinforce glass gibers in fiberglass insulations.

Fields and Other Greenery

Florida silica sand displays an ability to support natural plant growth, making it an ideal component to maintaining greens and fairways on golf courses and any other natural landscape that can use support. Silica sand offers a natural, “grained” shape with adequate permeability while helping to facilitate day-to-day greenery maintenance, including aeration and fertilization.


Water Filtration

Most individuals probably have some familiarity with Florida silica sand in water filtration systems. Silica is an ideal component of filtration beds to remove contaminants in wastewater and drinking water processing or filtration.

The sand neutralizes acidic elements for an optimal pH balance in water filters commonly found in residential applications. Silica is chemically inert, meaning that it will not react to exposure to acids, contaminants, volatile organic compounds, or solvents.

Metal Casting, Metal Production

Silica sand helps out builders and contractors as an ingredient in steel production. Manufacturers utilize Florida silica sand for internal and external shapes for metal parts cast in silica. This is also the preferred material choice for castings involving iron, steel, titanium, and for cleaning casting surfaces.

Choosing the Best Florida Silica Sand | Company in Miami, FL | Abraham Sand & Rock

Any specialist or DIYer attempting their project needs suitable materials and the right supplier to ensure the best possible outcome. A quality silica sand company in Miami, FL, like ASR Materials can help even trained professionals determine the ideal product solutions for their needs.



Although many sand materials may contain silica, the particles and ideal material solutions for a project’s specific needs may vary. A professional team like ASR Materials remains necessary for proper guidance in these instances.

Our team takes pride in the role we serve in the South Florida community. We work hard to ensure contractors, builders, and DIY clients get what they need with a wide variety of aggregate and soil product selections. However, we take this commitment one step further by directly providing trucking and delivery services to the job site.

As an aggregate material supplier, ASR Materials understands that despite silica sand being a plentiful material in most regions of the world, the best silica crystals depend on their hardness attributes, silica ratio, and the chemical structure present in the originating mines. 

For additional information and assistance with a sand selection in the South Florida area, reach out to our team from ASR (Abraham Sand & Rock ) today!

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