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Sand in Miami

How is Miami Sand Used in Construction?

When starting a construction project, builders must understand material selection’s critical role. Sand is a common construction material that comes in various forms. In numerous construction projects, builders in Miami use sand as an aggregate to add bulk and strength in combination with other building materials. Sand can also impact a surface texture upon its completion.

Builders typically use sand as an aggregate component in the production and application of concrete.  However, if we look around, we can see the important role that sand plays in constructing our modern world. This includes:

  • Pavement
  • Patios
  • Highways
  • Flooring
  • Glass
  • Mortar
  • Piping
  • And much more!

Additionally, most construction sand is produced from crushed rocks that manufacturers screen and wash to remove any sediment and other unwanted particles.

We’re all used to seeing beautiful white sand on our Florida beaches and throughout the world. However, sand remains a crucial component of the buildings where we live and work. These two types of sand may look different, but they are the same in composition.

Types of Sand Used in Construction

Construction and landscaping in South Florida aren’t easy. Builders and contractors must propose and implement unique solutions that help maintain integrity and efficiency while avoiding potential danger from heat and humidity. 

When we start talking about yards and buildings along the coastline, specialists must also contend with degradation over time due to salt spray from the Atlantic Ocean.

Utilizing traditional construction materials can be difficult. Builders must innovate new ways to tackle these challenges. This is where construction sand comes into play. Finely-ground pieces of stone mixed with lime and other additives can help resist the unfortunate effects of the South Florida elements.

Certain types of sand in construction help a structure alleviate the same kind of salt and heat degradation versus standard quarry rock. When looking at the aggregate, sand, and soil selections market, the different options available for construction and landscaping sand remain plentiful. 

Masonry sand is one of the most widely used for construction and landscaping purposes. This sand is finer and smoother than most other building sand materials on the market. Construction sand is not as soft as specialized play, masonry, or beach sand.

Mason and concrete sands supply a brown or tan color. Beach sand typically appears bright after being bleached white during production.

Mason Sand

We commonly refer to mason sand as “white sand” or beach sand due to the light color of the final product. Mason sand shares various similarities with concrete or building sand and commonly serves as an aggregate in similar projects.

Nevertheless, mason sand is ground finer, resulting in a very smooth texture. Manufacturers produce a uniform, fine texture, making masonry sand an excellent substitute for beach sand in volleyball courts, sandboxes, etc.

Concrete Sand

Concrete sand predominantly serves as an aggregate component in concrete. This type of Miami sand is ground specifically by manufacturers to work with cement and water to form concrete effectively. This type of sand is fine enough to help builders form smooth pavement but remains coarse enough to make ideal fill material.

Concrete sand gets washed during production. This allows for use in a wide variety of projects that require cleaned sand. Some may include bedding pipes, or as a leveling base for outdoor applications.

A Trusted Sand, Soil, and Aggregate Supplier in Miami | ASR Materials

Miami sand offers builders and landscapers a myriad of application possibilities. This is an excellent material for use in aggregates, concrete, and masonry structures outside of the common aesthetic applications that many designers utilize in the South Florida area.

When utilized in construction, sand helps concrete and other stones ensure optimum aeration and drainage. This includes the inclusion of crushed limestone within a building structure foundation while maintaining superior structural integrity and strength to the other building components.

Nevertheless, any contractor or builder must find the right reliable sand supplier to help them get the job done right, and on time. ASR Materials is a trusted resource, serving the state of 

Florida with a wide variety of stones, aggregates, sand, and soils for the building and landscaping needs.

Our sand selections in Miami are a cost-effective, reliable, and easy-to-use product resource that helps us to facilitate the construction and creation of several different building products. To learn more about our sand in Miami, as well as trucking and delivery for any of our products, reach out to our friendly and courteous customer service team today.

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