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Silica Sand in Miami

Silica sand also called “quartz sand”, “white sand”, or “industrial sand” consists of two primary elements: silica and oxygen. Silica sand in Miami begins as quartz before breaking down into tiny granules over time through the work of water and wind. The material represents one of the most common varieties of sand we can find in the world.

Consumers may utilize the material for a wide range of applications. Primarily, silica remains present in construction to make glass, as fill, and create molds or castings. Nevertheless, we may see this industrial sand in flooring, mortars, cement, roofing shingles, asphalt, and a variety of other applications requiring additional structural integrity.


Silica Sand in Miami and Washed Sand

Silica sand may range in color from nearly transparent to a darker grey shade. This odorless powder. Inhaling the material can irritate the respiratory tract, eyes, or skin on contact in a condition called “silica exposure”.

Most types of sand aggregates will contain some silica. Nonetheless, silica appears in these sands in amounts less than 95%. Typical brown sand used in concrete applications may contain up to 80% silica sand, with varying amounts of iron, carbonate, potassium, and other trace elements.

These “impurities” found in other types of sand make it more chemically reactive, as well as darker in color compared to silica sand in Miami. We may see other sand types from white, pink, green, and black. It all depends on the geological makeup and location of the sand deposit.

Washed sand can begin as silica or any other type of sand before undergoing washing and rinsing procedures after mining. Producers wash salt, clay, silt, and other powders and dust out of the overall mixture. Once washed, they will then additionally separate and classify the sand by grain or grit sizing.

Due to washing and sorting, these common types of sand in construction and landscaping aggregates carry a higher price tag than silica sand in Miami. They include:


Concrete Sand

This type of washed sand mixes with concrete or asphalt for construction purposes. The material offers a smoother pour, in addition to a cleaner finish.


Masonry Sand

Masonry sand appears very similar to concrete sand. Manufacturers mix masonry sand with concrete in construction. However, masonry sand exhibits a finer grit, sifted to achieve greater grain uniformity necessary for masonry bonding.


White Sand

This sand primarily applies to projects where aesthetics remain the primary objectives. We can see white sand in sand traps, man-made beaches, volleyball courts, and playground areas. In some instances, builders cannot find the white color available naturally, and producers add in limestone to whiten the shade.


Various Applications for Silica Sand in Miami

Our team from ASR Materials provides silica sand in Miami for a broad range of applications. Similar applications that may utilize silica sand include:


  • Landscaping Projects
  • Pool Installations
  • Traction for Cars or Trucks on Slick Roads
  • Concrete and Mortar Mixing

Silica sand additionally remains the best choice of aggregate sand in:


  • Sand Blasting
  • Glass Manufacturing
  • Water Filtering
  • Backfill in Electrical Lines or Pipes
  • Fracking


Silica Sand in Miami | Abraham Sand & Rock (ASR Materials)

We can find silica sand as mines in most regions of the world. It provides high hardness, ideal for landscape or pool smoothing. The best silica sand crystals depend on their hardness ratio, silica ratio, and the chemical structure of the mines.

As an aggregate material, silica sand in Miami offers some of the best properties available for the material. With a plentiful amount of limestone mining additionally available in the area, our team from Abraham Sand & Rock can ensure various shades for the useful material as well.

ASR Materials works hard to serve the South Florida area with a wide variety of soils and aggregate products to meet the needs of stucco contractors, general contractors, ready-mix plans, concrete product manufacturers, asphalt plants, developers, and landscapers. This includes silica sand in Miami.

The best plans require the best materials to exhibit the best possible results. Our team can provide the necessary high-grade, construction aggregates, soils, gravel, rock, adhesives, and supplies to use in numerous different applications.

ASR Materials also works with the best vendors in the business, extending our exemplary service to trucking and delivery with FDOT product selections. To learn more about how we can help you get your project to the finish line, get in touch with our professional, dedicated team today!

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