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Stucco in Florida

5 Reasons to Consider Stucco for Your Florida Home

Stucco is an attractive, affordable, and sustainable way to give your Florida home a fresh exterior. It’s also one of the most common wall finishes used in single-family construction. 

Specialists rely on the cementitious material, using it to cover an existing wall or build a new one. They will commonly choose stucco to create a smooth, uniform finish on a home exterior. It comes in many different colors and textures and can be used in both residential and commercial construction. 

We can find stucco almost everywhere in Florida, however, it isn’t the best choice for every application. Here are 5 reasons why you may want to consider stucco in Florida for your next home or commercial project.

It’s an easy finish to apply

Stucco is a durable and affordable exterior finish. It can be applied to any existing wall or the exterior of a new one. Because it’s made from Portland cement, lime, and sand, stucco can serve as an attractive and sustainable choice for your home. 

Stucco suppliers like ASR Materials will offer smooth finishes, in addition to textured finishes that mimic stone, brick, or wood grain. You can also apply stains to add color to your stucco finish. 

Another great thing about stucco is that it’s easy to repair should an accident or wear occur over time. Damage or chips to the surface of stucco isn’t the worst thing. To repair, you simply need to scrape away the damaged material and apply some new stucco over top with just a trowel. Stucco in Florida remains a low-maintenance solution compared to other materials like brick or vinyl siding. 

Lightweight in composition, stucco is an easy installation process. Nonetheless, the process will still typically require at least two people—one on each side of the building—to lift the panels after they’re installed on the wall with staples or screws, before filling in any gaps with mortar mix and smoothing out excess with a finishing tool

Stucco can be tinted to match your home

The exterior of a house is often the first thing people see, which is why it’s important to find a finish that will enhance your property and make it unique. By relying on the aforementioned textures and shades, you can make your home match its surrounding environment or stand out from the crowd. 

Most stucco contractors can offer a massive selection of finishes to help you find the perfect solution for your home. This includes stucco in Florida in earth tones and pastels that perfectly complement most existing architecture.

Stucco also typically costs less than other materials, like brick. These savings extend over time because stucco is a very durable product. Finished stucco usually requires little maintenance over its lifespan of 20-30 years.

It’s a Sustainable Material

For residential and commercial builders trying to keep an exterior more eco-friendly, stucco can offer solutions for this scenario as well. It offers natural insulation qualities and thermal protection from the elements. This helps to not only keep a home cool in the summer and warmer in the winter naturally but can offer proprietors some savings on their energy bills as well.

Stucco in Florida | Abraham Sand & Rock

It’s easy to see why stucco in Florida remains so popular amongst homeowners, business owners, and contractors alike. The elegant, subtle, attractiveness, as well as ease of use, represent just a few of the benefits that stucco in Florida can provide.

ASR Materials proudly serves the South Florida community as an aggregate and soil provider that strives for excellence in product provision, in addition to customer satisfaction. To learn more about stucco in Florida and why you should choose this material for your next home or business project, reach out to our dedicated customer service team for more information today!

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