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The Basics of Stucco Repair in Miami

No matter if an individual is in the market for a new home or needs to renovate their current home or business, stucco is likely a term they’ve come across. Stucco in Miami remains one of the most commonly utilized materials for home interiors and exteriors, widely applied across the country due to its durability and unique final appearance.

While stucco repair in Miami isn’t the only contracting and repair option for the home, the frequency of use and ease of implementation often has many wondering, “how does stucco work?”.

Read on to learn more information from our team at ASR Materials on stucco and stucco repair in Miami.

Applying Stucco

Many Florida homes demonstrate the traditional concrete block construction. In these instances, stucco in Miami will apply wet before drying, similar to regular concrete. However, specialists may need to take extra steps when attempting application or stucco repair in Miami on a wood-frame home.

In concrete block construction, applying stucco is easy because it adheres to the porous surface of the concrete blocks. Unfortunately, this is not the case with wood-framed applications, and contractors must nail an underlayment to the wood frame and then place a metal lathe over this underlayment. The metal lathe helps the stucco in Miami to adhere to the wood framing.

Why Does This Approach Matter?

When stucco cracks on concrete block constructed homes, water, moisture, and air may enter through these cracks. The cement will soak up the water like a concrete sidewalk or driveway. This means potential for water intrusion, mold, and everything else that comes with unwanted water and moisture entering a domicile.

Water may enter the same way with wood-frame construction but will rust the metal lath. As the metal lath rusts, it will begin to expand and pop off stucco on the home’s exterior.

Continuous water entry through stucco cracks additionally may find its way through an underlayment while rotting out the wood frame from within. When stucco in Miami starts to pop off from either a wood or concrete foundation, a specialist must remove, repair, and replace the existing stucco.

Stucco cracks can lead to significant damage without proper stucco repair in Miami and installation. Selecting the right stucco from a qualified professional like ASR Materials remains crucial to a positive outcome, whether a contractor utilizes the material for a new job or repairs pre-existing stucco.

Caring for and Maintaining Stucco in Miami

With the porous limestone foundations in South Florida, most home and business owners remain (rightfully) concerned about their foundation settling on a property. The good news is that specialists can alleviate potential problems down the road by minimizing soil movement through gutter and downspout installation. These additions can also make maintaining a stucco installation easier for the proprietor.

Removing dirt and debris that can collect on stucco remains crucial. The best way to approach stucco cleaning and maintenance is by applying a medium-strength bristle brush to remove dirt or debris buildup. ASR Materials recommends avoiding using other equipment like pressure washers as these can permanently damage stucco in Miami.

In some instances, home and business owners may also need to remove mold from stucco surfaces. On the exterior of a South Florida building, mold and mildew are very common. 

To remove these unseemly invaders, utilize a solution of chlorine bleach and water for application directly to the stains with a sponge or brush. This will help the solution to soak into the stucco surface. After a short time, rinsing the mold and chemical combination should be easily done.

Stucco in Miami | Abraham Sand & Rock | ASR Materials

Stucco is a great, versatile material that contractors depend on to make jobs last for years. With proper care and maintenance, ensuring long-lasting stucco on the interior or exterior of a home or business is easy.

Nevertheless, to ensure the job gets done right and on time, contractors must find a reliable stucco material supplier they can rely on. ASR Materials takes pride in filling this role for DIYers and professional specialists within the South Florida community.

Not only does our team offer exemplary customer service and a vast selection of soil and aggregate products, but we additionally offer trucking and delivery services directly to the job site.

To learn more about how ASR Materials can help your next project with stucco in Miami, reach out to our dedicated team today!

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