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If you’re a Florida resident looking for the most versatile material for your construction project, look no further. ASR Materials has long been proud to serve the Sunshine State by providing the highest quality silica sand you can find in the area to those in general construction, glass, natural gas, or a more specialized industry such as automotive or roofing. Given the plentiful availability of limestone in Flordia, Abraham Sand & Rock can easily guarantee a wide variety of desirable shades for the material. That way, we ensure that you — the customer — are pleased with your project’s final product.

Whether your project involves stucco, concrete, asphalt, or glass — silica sand is your best bet. If you’re looking for silica sand in Florida?

ASR is your best bet.

Still not convinced of the benefits of our Florida-made silica sand, or just getting started? Read on; the answer will become clear shortly.

How Silica Sand in Florida Stands Apart

Silica sand — commonly known as “industrial sand” and also referred to as “quartz sand” or “white sand” — represents one of the most plentiful varieties of sand found and used in the world. Consisting of two base elements — silica and oxygen — and beginning its life as the fairly hard mineral known as quartz, silica sand used for industrial purposes is created by artificially crushing sandstone. Alternately, it is retrieved from locations where it naturally occurs — such as picturesque Florida beaches and our many river beds.

Due to its range of availability and versatility, consumers turn to this material for a wide range of applications. By and large, silica is primarily used in the industry by glassmakers to make glass, as a filler when concrete is made, and in the creation of molds and castings for metallic products. However, silica is also widely used in cement, flooring, roofing shingles, mortars, asphalt, and additional industrial applications where durability and high structural integrity are desirable.

What distinguishes silica sand from other types of sand is its makeup, particularly the amount of silica it contains. With an amount of silica than comes down to less than 95%, sand cannot be considered silica sand. For example, brown sand customarily used in the manufacture of concrete contains only 80% silica or less. It makes up for the difference with the presence of iron, carbonate, potassium, and various trace elements sometimes described as “impurities.” “Impurities” within non-silica sand can moderately or greatly increase its chemical reactivity and the darkness of its color. These make it less ideal than silica sand both during and after production. 

“Washed sand” is an additional relevant classification. Concrete sand, masonry sand, and white sand are all types of sand that can be considered “washed sand” due to the processes they undergo over the course of their production.

Washed sand begins either as silica or any other type of sand before being mined and put through washing and rinsing procedures. These procedures are done to remove materials such as salt, clay, silt, and other powders and dust from it. Following this, washed sand is then further separated and classified on the basis of its grain or the size of its grit. These time-consuming and expensive processes account for the higher expenses associated with washed sand, making it perhaps a more specialized but less flexible and feasible pick than silica sand.

Silica sand more often than not beats out competition from other sands due to its superior durability, the increased structural integrity it provides to projects, and its lack of chemical reactivity. Furthermore, its neutrality of color and shade and — perhaps most pertinently — its highly economical and affordable nature compared to washed sand make it the superior pick. ASR Materials prides itself on our commitment to helping you achieve your desired end product by providing the materials you want however you want them — hence our willingness to source from nearby Florida limestone deposits to whiten the shade of our silica sand if desired.

The Many Applications of Silica Sand

The team at ASR Materials supplies silica sand to the Florida community for an extensive range of applications and uses. These include but may not be limited to:

  • Landscaping projects both residential and commercial;
  • Pool installations for both in-ground and above-ground pools; 
  • Traction for vehicles on slick roads;
  • Mixing of mortar and concrete; 
  • Ceramics and refractories.

Though these remain the primary uses of our silica sand, silica is also the best choice of aggregate sand used in — 

  • Sandblasting and industrial abrasion;
  • Glass manufacturing;
  • Water filtration and softening; 
  • Backfilling in electrical lines or pipework; 
  • Fracking for natural gas.

Regardless of the scope or nature of the project, Abraham Sand & Rock will provide the silica sand in Florida that you need. We ensure that your finished product is as near as it can get to perfection. 

Choosing Silica from ASR Materials

Silica sand can be found in mines nearly everywhere in the world. It is highly rigid, durable, and ideal for industrial abrasion, landscaping, and pool-smoothing. The highest-quality silica sand crystals derive their quality from the silica ratio, hardness ratio, and chemical structure of their source mines. The best silica sand is found only in the best of places. Successful projects require the best materials to ensure successful results.

ASR Materials only provides silica sand sourced from the best mines — many of which are found right here in Florida. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for aggregates, soils, gravel, rock, adhesives, or any number of other supplies. Our team is happy to supply you with the necessary high-grade materials for any and all of your needs. 

We are also proud to work with the best vendors in the business and in the Florida community — giving our patronage to Florida truckers and delivery servicemen only with product selections by the FDOT. If you’d like to learn about how we can help get your project from start to finish — and from mediocre to exemplary — don’t hesitate. Drop the professional and tenacious team at Abraham Sand & Rock a line today!

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