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Paperback Lath in Miami

Stucco and Lath

Paperback lath plays an important role in Miami construction whether applied over a framed or sheathed wall assembly.

Lath is a term in the stucco process that often remains confusing for many people. Despite the terminology, the process is quite easy. Lath is simply the first step applied in the stucco process. Paperback lath consists of water-resistant paper, wire, and other metal components that make up a framework for stucco material to adhere to.

The lath portion of a stucco assembly represents a simple component of metal or fiberglass. The most common way you’ll find this product is expanded metal lath pre-constructed and sold in sheets.

The stucco industry provides a wide range of different wire systems (laths) that specialists can utilize these days. Our team from ASR Materials wants to discuss the paperback lath in Miami that we provide and what we can use them for.

Although certain lath types remain better suited for different things, understanding how the products work is the first step to making a stucco job easier.

Paperback Stucco Wire

Paperback lath in Miami has paper attached to the wire and stucco contractors primarily use this in open stud applications. Stands of wires run the length of the paper backing, interweaved to connect the two components.

A paperback lath additionally has a bottom and top edge specially designed to fit on top of one another while overlapping the paper and wire together. Stucco professionals will commonly apply the layers of the wall with building paper to prevent the possibility of future leaking problems.

This method of stucco reduces the potential for moisture penetration while also enabling the dissipation of moisture vapor from within structures. By utilizing this method, stucco contractors can help to evacuate moisture that could ultimately reach the surface of building paper.

Furthermore, the wire and paperback composition is formulated in an offset structure, recess on one end with one side overhanging on the opposite end. This construction provides an easier installation as opposed to other types of lath products.

Why use Paperback Lath in Miami?

Paperback lath helps contractors with moisture removal and ease of installation. However, this product additionally offers an ideal solution as a base for tile installation, in addition to stucco applications.

The paper backing on paperback lath in Miami aids in plaster keying and the moisture-resistant attributes help stucco cure by protecting sheathing. Isolated from the supporting structure, the paperback application’s water-resistant backing paper enables controlled and uniform curing for a plaster foundation.

By applying paperback lath in this way, specialists can avoid situations that may cause improper overlap of sheet paper between multiple portions of lath. Improper integration of lath sheets can lead to cracking stucco as the stucco keys into both layers and creates a weak plane.

This is especially applicable in Florida as extremely hot climates can melt adhesive that holds the paper to lath and melt. Melting will not necessarily lead to a situation with lath falling off the applied surface, but instead spread to locations where glue is not intended.

As the paper gets exposed to high heat, the lath will begin to lose its performance characteristics.

Paperback Lath in Miami | ASR Materials

Paperback lath in Miami is an excellent time-saver for anyone looking to get the most out of their time investment for stucco projects. Stucco contractors have been applying the paperback lath application successfully for many years.

Although it does take some time to ensure proper integration between multiple layers of lath, once you can fully understand the process, integrating multiple layers of paperback lath provides a quick, efficient, easy application solution. 

Our team from Abraham Sand & Rock (ASR Materials) works diligently to ensure we provide the South Florida community with the very best in product selections for their landscaping and construction products, as well as the best in customer service solutions.

This begins with our commitment to offering the best materials to ensure that our clients can get the job done right the first time and extends to provisions like trucking and delivery options for our entire catalog.

We work with the very best in the construction and landscaping industries and serve as the contact point when professionals need to get the job done properly and on time! To learn more about paperback lath in Miami, in addition to our various other selections, reach out to ASR Materials today! Thank you, and we look forward to working with you!

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