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Metal Lath in Miami

What is Metal Lath in Miami

Stucco and plaster easily crack under certain types of stress and the deflation process during construction and overtime when used in residential living. However, builders can utilize a technique with a material called metal lath in Miami to prevent wall and ceiling cracks with pumped or troweled applications.

Metal lath is a mesh formed through expanding perforated metal sheets. These products come in a variety of forms including:

In most applications, metal lath is slit and expanded to form openings. This creates an irregular surface for keying plaster, stucco, and sometimes concrete. Builders will commonly apply metal lath in Miami in bathrooms and kitchens, applying tile over the base layer.

Whether using conventional plaster or thin stone material, the right lath, trims, control joints, and corner reinforcement are integral components in wall and ceiling construction. The right materials, in general, significantly impact long-term performance.

This is why ASR Materials aims to provide the best product selections with a proven history of offering South Florida builders and contractors what they need to get the job done right. This includes and extends to providing metal lath in Miami as part of our extensive product catalog.

Metal Lath in Miami Applications

Metal lath is a superior, multipurpose substrate ideal for cement, plaster, stucco, and stone reinforcement. Typical applications may include:

  • Ceilings
  • Soffits
  • Fascia Surfaces
  • Beneath Ceramic Tile in Wall Ceiling and Floor Applications

Metal lath in Miami remains useful for general purpose applications and serves as the best possible solution for ornamental work, in addition to flat or contoured surfaces. Some builders additionally utilize metal lath as a reinforcing underlay for spray-applied fireproofing.


Builders and contractors use metal lath in stucco applications to provide additional support to the process. Even trained specialists have trouble getting stucco to stick to a surface without something else in place. Utilizing metal lath is the most popular and cost-effective solution to offer stucco applications this support.

1. Install Sheathing

Stucco requires a base in addition to a metal lath. You can apply a standard plywood sheathing since it won’t appear visible after you apply the stucco. Attach plywood to an exterior service using brackets or bolts.

2. Adding Moisture Barrier

The first thing you must do to ensure proper lath and stucco application is installing a moisture barrier. This is something applied directly to the wood sheathing. With a moisture barrier in place, this helps to alleviate issues with moisture infestation in the wood and wood decay as time goes on.

Wood decay can occur with wet concrete or plaster applied to an area. Once the sheathing is in place, most builders will then use paper over it. This creates a waterproof area to work with. The paper will overlay the seams and prevent moisture from bleeding through.

3. Hanging the Lath

With sheathing in place and papered, you can then begin to install the metal lath in Miami. Hang the lath horizontally and vertically to create more support for the stucco application.

Most specialists will install lath in a brick pattern with the seam between the first and second panels at the bottom of a wall falling in the middle of the panels. This offers a proper holding base for plaster or stucco. It will form pockets in the mesh that need to face up and create a rough surface to grip the material application.

Metal Lath in Miami | Abraham Sand & Rock | ASR Materials

Made of expanded metal, metal lath in Miami remains the ideal material as a background reinforcement for plaster, render, stucco, and even concrete applications in construction. 

Metal lath creates a strong mechanical bond with plaster, stucco, and stone, providing superior strength and reinforcement. Expanded mesh and rigid pronounced edges additionally offer optimal keying and exacting grounds for superior bonding and finishing. This helps builders minimize cracks and shadowing as well.

ASR Materials proudly serves the South Florida community with the building materials they need to get the job done right the first time. We remain the preeminent resource for specialists in Miami and beyond with a wide variety of lath selections, soil and aggregate products, and other construction and landscaping materials including:

Paperback Lath

High-Rib Lath

Our service includes trucking and delivery services when contractors, builders, and landscapers need something on the job with no delay. Reach out to our customer service team today to learn more about how we can assist you!

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