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High Rib Lath in Doral

High rib lath is a widely used product in construction reinforcement for tunnels, bridges, sewage systems, retaining walls, shipyards, high rib water pools, marine engineering works, and high-rise building projects.

Manufacturers produce high in Doral from galvanized steel expanded metal sheets with longitudinal ribs and small inverted ribs to produce a mesh that provides superior strength and spanning capabilities.

Contractors have long relied on this high rib framework formed into a mesh and patterned rib bone design as an assembly-free lathing product. Professionals in building construction utilize high  lath to form retaining walls, columns, stopends, construction joints, as well as for support for slab flooring.

Ribbed lath is the most rigid of all laths that builders commonly use today. The panels remain very strong even in situations where a contractor must space panels further apart.



High lath provides a design that enables contractors to place the metal framework to the edge of neighboring sheet panels. This unification ensures solid joints across the entire length and stiffness of the panel joints. As a result, high lath in Doral strengthens the structure to contain concrete in panels throughout the process.

Intermediate ribs of high lath create additional internal stiffness along the length of panels. This allows for bridging supports and creates reduced loads on the overall support system for additional strength.

The metal lath serves as a platform to embed and attach stucco and cement to structural members of a structure. Without high lath, builders have little or no way to apply stucco or cement to open frame or sheathed construction.

Most high lath products remain intended for horizontal application to provide additional rigidity. The mesh patterning offers excellent bonding for stucco or concrete for ceiling, soffit, and foundational applications.


How to Use High Rib Lath in Doral

In the first phase, builders will place high rib panels by applying some concrete to embed the lath securely and prevent movement from the floor. Run-off water enables water to flow off well through the open structure to form a solid, impenetrable layer of concrete or stucco on the upper side, directly behind the panel.

With a traditional lath framework, air can become trapped during the concrete or stucco application process. High rib lath in Doral enables air pockets to escape once stucco is applied or concrete is poured, lowering the potential for weakened infrastructure due to trapped air pockets.

Specialists can apply stucco or concrete, monitoring the consistency better during the pouring or application stages. During subsequent phases, high rib metal lath also reduces preparation time with strong and lightweight panels that contractors can handle easily.

High lath in Doral allows builders to utilize a solid, strong infrastructure with perfect joints between sections without needing to further process construction joints. As a result, high lath provides a high speed of application in addition to visual monitoring throughout every construction phase.


High Rib Lath in Doral | ASR Materials

High lath in Doral remains a crucial component in the overall strength and consistency for surfaces in construction projects for things we use every day. Contractors have long applied the high lath method successfully for decades.

Concrete and stucco work isn’t easy, and contractors must ensure they utilize the right materials to complete their projects in a timely and efficient manner.

High rib lath enables specialists to seamlessly integrate panels and provides strength and resiliency across horizontal surfaces that otherwise could result in cracking and structural issues delaying or preventing building projects.

Our team from Abraham Sand & Rock (ASR Materials) works hard to ensure that our clients in the South Florida community have everything they need to get the job done right. This begins with selecting and offering top-quality material offerings available in our catalog.

However, our contribution to the building industry in South Florida extends to providing trucking and delivery services for our product offerings no matter if this is a large-scale building project or smaller landscaping endeavor.

ASR Materials works with contractors and landscaping professionals working on a wide variety of jobs and serves as the contact point for professionals in the contracting industry. To learn more on high lath in Doral, paperback lath, or any of the other construction, adhesive, aggregate, and soil product solutions we provide, reach out to our customer service team today! Thank you, and we look forward to working with you!

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