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Stucco in Florida

A Basic Guide to Stucco in Florida

Whether a homeowner is looking to renovate their current residence or a potential buyer is currently considering their options on a new property, they’ve no doubt heard about the material we call stucco.

This material serves as one of the most common components utilized in a home’s exterior. Contractors use stucco in Florida and all over the country primarily due to its durability and unique final appearance.

However, stucco is not the only option for materials used for the exterior of a home. Many wonder how does stucco work? ASR Materials has the information you need to know about using our stucco in Florida and why so many people select it as the material of choice in home construction or repair.

What is Stucco in Florida Made of? How Does it Work?

In a base form, stucco in Florida remains a mixture of cement, lime, and sand. Contractors apply stucco to the exterior of a home in a wet state. The material then quickly dries and hardens. Stucco can last for up to fifty years with proper maintenance and care.

Although specialists will most commonly utilize stucco on the exterior of a home or building, many also utilize stucco in Florida on interior walls. This choice is because of the stucco’s unique and aesthetically pleasing appearance. Contractors will use stucco applied over a wire mesh or metal lath to help ensure the mixture sets correctly.

Applying Stucco

Specialists will commonly install stucco in layers. This is a time-consuming and labor-intensive procedure fit for a skilled professional. Stucco contractors have the necessary knowledge to get the job done right for a long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing result.

The application procedure for stucco depends on a building’s structure. Wood-framed walls will require more coats of a traditional stucco than block or concrete structures. They will apply the stucco in layers, enabling each layer to set. This helps the contractor gradually build up the thickness of the stucco finish.

Traditional Stucco in Florida

A contractor will apply traditional stucco in a three-coat process most used for wood-frame exterior walls. They begin with a “scratch coat” over a metal lath attached to a building’s exterior sheathing. The rough surface allows the next layer to adhere. This next layer adds strength and acts as a base for the final coat that a specialist will hand-trowel for a custom surface texture.

Two-Coat Stucco

Contactors will often depend on two-coat stucco for concrete, brick, and block walls. The existing masonry present with brick, block, and concrete makes scratch coating unnecessary. As opposed to using metal lath, a specialist can apply a bonding adhesive to the masonry wall before applying two coats of stucco on the surface.

Single-Coat Stucco

Single-coat stucco is a modern application procedure utilizing stucco mixed with fiberglass installed over metal lath. Not every specialist will use single-coat stucco, requiring builders and homeowners to search around for a professional offering this newer process.

Caring for and Maintaining Stucco

In areas like South Florida, homeowners and proprietors may worry about foundation settling on their property. Contractors can take steps to minimize soil movement by installing guttering and downspouts.

Removing dirt and debris that may collect on stucco with a medium-strength bristle brush is the best way to clean and maintain stucco surfaces. Some may elect to use a high-pressure washing machine. Unfortunately, this can permanently damage a stucco surface, and the ASR Materials team recommends against pressure washer use with stucco.

Homeowners and proprietors may need to remove mold from stucco surfaces, especially on the exterior of a building. Combining one-part non-chlorine bleach with three parts water and applying it directly to stains with a sponge or brush enables the solution to soak into the surface. The mold and chemicals can then be rinsed off easily with a hose.

Stucco in Florida | Abraham Sand & Rock | ASR Materials

Stucco provides home and business owners, in addition to builders, a versatile material that can last for years to come with the proper care and maintenance. Stucco offers a distinctive look that is paintable when we become tired of the color.

ASR Materials commits to providing the South Florida community with the right materials they need to get the job done right and on time. We extend this commitment to trucking and delivery services for all our catalog selections of building materials, aggregates, and soil products. To learn more, contact our dedicated customer service team today!

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