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Stucco Supplies in Florida

Choosing the Best Supplies for Your Stucco Job

Selecting the best stucco supplies in Florida combines understanding the specifics of a project and knowing a little bit about the wide variety of selections the stucco market has to offer.

Stucco is a very forgiving material that you can use in various circumstances. However, certain treatments and applications are better in some settings than others. For example, builders and contractors may find themselves on a job subject to extreme environmental conditions. In 

Florida, this is somewhat commonplace, with stucco finish battling an onslaught of consistent heat, only broken up by periods of excessive moisture from rain and humidity.

Traditional stucco remains the most popular and commonly utilized product around the United States. Unfortunately, traditional stucco isn’t always the best option for South Florida’s exterior stucco jobs near pools, interior jobs in bathrooms and boathouses, or placed on external walls in very rainy conditions like what we see in Florida.

We can say the same for some synthetic stucco options like acrylic stucco. This is one of the best options to handle moisture and heat but may not remain ideal for large projects since the price can be quite costly.

Some Stucco Basics

Stucco, also known as Portland cement plaster, is a popular indoor and outdoor building material due to its low maintenance requirements, versatility, and flexibility. In all homes throughout the state of Florida, we can find stucco utilized somewhere on the project.

Stucco is a breathable material, resistant to fire, mold, and rot when applied properly, hardened, and dried. The material is also color retentive. This means that a homeowner or builder can choose a stucco shade to match whatever their wants or needs for the material might be.

The modern stucco market provides four basic types of stucco. These include:

  • Traditional
  • Acrylic
  • Cement
  • Synthetic

Choosing the right type of stucco supplies in Florida will likely depend on the project you need it for. Desired maintenance level, design, cost, and weather conditions where you apply the product all factor into the ideal stucco solution for your project.

Traditional Stucco

Traditional stucco material is durable, making it suitable for many external home-facing applications. Depending on the project’s needs, traditional stucco can be mixed in varying aggregate compositions and colors to create a desired color and texture on the outside of a home.

An advantage that traditional stucco applications can provide is, unlike paint, stucco typically lasts less than a decade before it needs a refresh. Traditional stucco applications frequently last for longer than 50 years before they begin to dull or deteriorate in appearance.

Traditional stucco can additionally maintain its color and strength in many extreme climates. While it may not be the ideal solution for humid climates like Florida, traditional stucco can still maintain its color and strength in extreme conditions like hot and cold. 

Finally, traditional stucco often represents one of the least expensive options. Unfortunately, it is not always the ideal solution for extremely wet conditions as one of the most porous options available on the stucco market.

Acrylic and Synthetic Options

Synthetic interior and exterior stucco are light in presence and composition as a foam-based wall-cladding material. While some describe the material as a blanket for a home, it is porous and requires the use of a drainage system to reduce and eliminate moisture problems while preventing wood rot and mold development.

Proper drainage works to alleviate moisture problems, however, some builders and remodeling specialists remain hesitant to use it on home exteriors and other areas that may frequently be exposed to extreme moisture.

Acrylic stucco is the best possible solution for these circumstances. This stucco material is moisture proof and suitable for both flat and curved surfaces. The material is also weatherproof as well as the ideal solution for homes in areas like Florida with high degrees of moisture.

Get the Job Done Right with Stucco Supplies in Florida from ASR Materials

Stucco suppliers like ASR Materials that service both DIY and professional builders or contractors can provide you with virtually any type of stucco components and finish that you can imagine. You also gain the ability to choose from a wide variety of colors and shades to color match existing fixtures or meet aesthetic requirements outlined by a job.

ASR Materials commits to providing the very best in aggregate and soil selections for DIY and professional customers in the state of Florida. Furthermore, we offer trucking and delivery, ensuring that any selections arrive at a job on time and enabling you to get to work.

To learn more about stucco supplies in Florida and our full selection of aggregate and soil materials, reach out to our dedicated service team today!

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