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Septic Sand in Miami

Septic sand in Miami is a material that many builders utilize in modern septic systems and sewage mounds as an effective filtration system. Septic sand represents some of the highest quality sand & gravel manufactured today as it undergoes a fine washing and screening process.

The final product is environmentally clean sand with a consistent, uniform particle size distribution. This makes it superior for septic system use over more common sands or local pit sands.

Our team from ASR Materials commonly recommends septic sand in Miami due to the screening and washing procedure’s final product and its environmentally clean production and efficiency in filtering septic and sewage applications. Nevertheless, it is important to understand how sand mound septic systems work to observe the real benefits of septic sand.


Sand Septic Systems Explained

A sand septic system remains the preeminent solution for wastewater treatment problems in areas with insufficient soil insulation. These septic treatment systems consist of the tank, pump chamber, sand filter, and drainage field.

Builders will utilize septic sand in Miami to make up for inadequate amounts of soil on a site. Additionally, construction specialists may rely on septic sand filling a sizeable concrete box as a supplementary sand filter as well.

When installing the septic system, builders will place a layer of gravel above the sand with a network of pipes installed within the gravel.

Septic sand in Miami must provide the best possible quality sand because grains in the sand must be a similar size. When builders rely on large and small grains for these types of septic projects, the small grains will likely occupy the space between the large grains resulting in the system clogging.


How Septic Sand Systems Work

Wastewater discharged from a home enters a septic tank for treatment. When the tank treats the water, it disperses the water into a sand filter through a network of pipes. The system discharges water at low pressure to help ensure uniform distribution into the sand bed.

As the pipe network releases water into the sand bed, it will slowly seep into the gravel and into the septic sand beneath. Treatment occurs during this process.

Purification of the wastewater occurs by three separate procedures. This includes:


  • Aerobic microbes assimilating nutrients from the wastewater
  • Filtration of solids enabled by septic sand in Miami
  • Chemical processes occurring where contaminants attach to the septic sand grains and biological growth residing above the sand.

Once the system treats the wastewater, a pump discharges it into a drainage field consisting of trenches filled with gravel. The wastewater slowly releases from pipes within the gravel and into the soil below.


Why Choose Septic Sand in Miami?

ASR Materials septic sand is produced from some of the highest quality sand & gravel material available. These aggregate selections go through a washing and screening process using the latest industrial processing technologies.

As a result, we can provide contractors in the South Florida community with environmentally clean sand with consistent and uniform particle size distribution superior to common and pit sands.

Builders may also rely on septic sand in Miami to fill around septic tanks and create effective leaching fields that percolate at the best possible speed. Speed in the percolation process avoids moisture retention with septic sand’s pre-sifted, uniform-grain composition resisting clumping or settling that can lead to sunken and wet areas.

Homeowners and contractors may also employ septic sand for applications requiring leveling for paving and beneath above-ground pools.


Septic Sand in Miami | ASR Materials | Abraham Sand & Rock

Septic sand in Miami may contain trap rock, limestone, granite, or gneiss depending on the quarry it is sourced from. Before reaching the distributors, manufacturers wash these materials through various screens to ensure it is the cleanest, debris-free aggregate product possible while also maintaining proper size.

Our team from ASR Materials works with various contractors, stucco specialists, and landscapers in the Miami/South Florida community, delivering superior products and customer service.

We offer a wide range of soil and aggregates selections for virtually any building, construction, and landscaping industry in the area. This includes construction products like high rib and paperback lath, in addition to products like topsoil and septic sand.

Our commitment to customer service extends to trucking and delivery services across our entire catalog of products. To learn more about septic sand in Miami, other soil and aggregate provisions, as well as how our material provider can help you, reach out to our dedicated customer service team from Abraham Sand & Rock today!

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